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Dedicated Lawyers Skilled in All Aspects of Litigation

Freimund Tardif, PLLC focuses primarily on the defense of tort, civil rights, class action, and employment claims against state and local governments, public officials and public employees.

The attorneys in the firm have over 100 years combined experience representing government in all aspects of litigation, including evaluation, investigation, discovery, summary judgments, negotiation, mediation, trial and appeal.

As a result of this deep experience, the firm specializes in the largest, most complex and most expensive kinds of deep pockets claims against governments and their officials. This includes claims for catastrophic injury in road-related accidents, claims of liability for crime or police misconduct, claims for severe injury to or sexual abuse of children, claims for regulatory liability, employment discrimination and retaliation claims and claims for violation of civil rights.

Freimund Tardif, PLLC also represents governments in non-tort specialty areas, such as public records act and open public meetings lawsuits. Additionally, the firm represents private parties and insurers in select cases in which parties assert private liability on grounds similar to the grounds for assertion of government liability. The firm represents hospitals and other health care providers in certificate of need cases, handles select administrative law issues including pension and professional licensure issues, due to long experience with the Administrative Procedures Act.

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