School Liability Claims

School Liability Claims

Jeff Freimund and Allison Croft were the longtime supervisors of the team of state lawyers that represented the Department of Social and Health Services and represented the agency and its caseworkers in scores of cases involving injuries to children. They continue to represent the State in such matters as Special Assistant Attorneys General. They also represented school districts on similar claims, including claims brought by students and parents alleging failure to protect students from harm.

Claims We Defend

  • Premises liability claims, and school newspaper defamation claims
  • Student to student and staff to student failure to protect claims
  • Employment Discrimination claims pursuant to RCW 49.60 and Federal Statutes, including ADA, Title VII, and Section 1983
  • RCW 28.645.010 appeals of school administrator decisions

Example Cases

See, for example, Hopkins v. Seattle Sch. Dist., 195 Wn. App. 96, 380 P.3d 584 (2016).

See also Porter v. Seattle Sch. Dist., 160 Wn. App. 872, 248 P.3d 1111 (2011).

Additionally, see Sisley v. Seattle Sch. Dist., 171 Wn. App. 227 (2012) and 180 Wn. App. 83 (2014).

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