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Jeff Freimund


Jeff Freimund

Since 2002, Jeff Freimund has been recognized with the national peer reviewed ranking of “AV Preeminent,” Martindale-Hubbell’s highest possible rating for legal ability and ethical standards.

He is a former Senior Counsel and Assistant Division Chief for the Torts Division of the State Attorney General’s Office (AGO). Jeff joined the AGO in 1987 after graduating from Willamette Law School.

Jeff worked in the Social and Health Services Division and then transferred to the Torts Division in 1990, where he defended a variety of civil rights, employment, tort, and personal injury cases against the Department of Social and Health Services and other state agencies. He has tried over 30 jury trials to verdict and handled numerous appeals in state and federal courts, including more than 20 that have resulted in published decisions.

In 2007, he left the Torts Division to become a founding partner in the Freimund, Jackson & Tardif law firm, which recently was restructured to become the Freimund Tardif law firm.

He continues to defend a variety of governmental and private entities in tort, civil rights, employment, school law, public records, regulatory, and administrative law matters. Jeff also represents health care agencies and professionals in various administrative and judicial proceedings, including Certificate of Need litigation, licensure, and credentialing.

Professional Experience

From 1987 to 1990, Jeff served as Assistant Attorney General for the State of Washington in the Department of Social and Health Services Division. He handled public welfare class action litigation and appeals, assorted administrative hearings, bankruptcy and collection actions, parole revocation hearings, client advice, and mental health commitment trials and appeals. While there, Jeff conducted over 20 jury trials involving mental health commitments.

In 1990, Jeff transferred as an Assistant Attorney General to the Torts Division, a position he held until 2007. In the Torts Division, his practice encompassed all aspects of civil litigation, including discovery, motions, negotiations or mediations, trials, and appeals.

He handled complex, high exposure civil rights, employment, tort, and personal injury cases against a variety of State agencies and employees. Jeff tried 13 tort cases to verdict and received defense verdicts in all but four. Two of the plaintiff verdicts resulted in losses of $150,000 or less, even though the plaintiffs’ lawyers requested several million dollars in each case. The other two were multimillion-dollar awards that were reversed on appeal.

Jeff had several other trials that resulted in directed verdicts, voluntary dismissals, or settlements during trial. He has been the principal lawyer for over 30 appeals, including over 20 that resulted in published decisions, which are listed below. His clients prevailed in almost all of the appeals he has handled.

In 2007, Jeff became a founding partner in Freimund Jackson & Tardif, PLLC, which was restructured in 2020 to become Freimund Tardif, PLLC. He continues to defend a variety of governmental and private entities in tort, civil rights, employment, school law, public records, regulatory, and administrative law matters in federal and state courts throughout Washington.

He also represents health care agencies and professionals in various administrative and judicial proceedings regarding Certificates of Need, licensure, and credentialing. Jeff has handled several Certificate of Need cases from the application stage through administrative hearings, judicial review, and appeals involving hospitals, hospice agencies, home health agencies, kidney dialysis centers, and ambulatory surgery centers.

Significant Accomplishments

Since 2002, Jeff has received the peer reviewed rating of “AV Preeminent” from Martindale-Hubbell, which places him among a select group of lawyers nationwide who have been recognized by their peers as consistently performing at the highest level—both in terms of legal ability and ethics.

Jeff was deemed a “Super Lawyer” in 2020. In 1996, Jeff became a trial team leader supervising 7 attorneys, 5 paralegals, and 6 legal assistants. In 1999, he became the Assistant Division Chief sharing in the administration of the entire Torts Division of approximately 36 attorneys and 100 professional staff, in addition to carrying a case load of high exposure, complex cases.

In 2001, he returned to being a full-time litigator of some of the most complex, high exposure cases in the Division, with no management responsibilities. Jeff was the lead attorney defending the Wenatchee sex abuse case that resulted in a defense verdict following a three-month jury trial in 1998, which was recognized by the National Law Journal as one of the top 15 defense wins in the nation that year.

He has also handled other major jury trials that lasted four weeks or longer. In 1998, Jeff was awarded the Steward of Justice from then Attorney General Christine Gregoire. The same year, the Secretary of the State’s Department of Social and Health Services, Lyle Quasim, awarded him the Secretary’s Award, the Department’s highest honor.

In 2002, Jeff was appointed Senior Counsel by then Attorney General Gregoire. Over the years, Jeff has been a speaker and the author of material for dozens of Continuing Legal Education programs concerning governmental tort liability, risk management, discovery, trial practice, appellate practice, and a variety of other topics.

Reported Appellate Decisions

  • Lee v. Hamilton, 56 Wash. App. 880, 785 P.2d 1156 (1990);
  • Johnson v. Dept. of Soc. & Health Services, 80 Wash. App. 212, 907 P.2d 1223 (1996);
  • White v. State, 131 Wash.2d 1, 929 P.2d 396 (1997);
  • McKinney v. State, 134 Wash.2d 388, 950 P.2d 461 (1998);
  • Price v. State, 96 Wash. App. 604, 980 P.2d 302 (1999), review denied, 139 Wash.2d 1018 (2000);
  • Devereaux v. Abbey, 218 F.3d 1045 (9th Cir. 2000), reconsidered en banc, 263 F.3d 1070 (9th Cir. 2001);
  • Everett v. Abbey, 108 Wash. App. 521, 31 P.3d 721 (2001);
  • Price v. State, 114 Wash. App. 65, 57 P.3d 639 (2002);
  • Braam v. State, 150 Wash.2d 689, 81 P.3d 851 (2003);
  • M.W. v. Dept. of Soc. & Health Services, 149 Wash.2d 589, 70 P.3d 954 (2003);
  • Gausvik v. Abbey, 126 Wash. App. 868, 107 P.3d 98, review denied, 155 Wash.2d 1006 (2005);
  • Aba Sheikh v. Choe, 156 Wash.2d 441, 128 P.3d 574 (2006);
  • Porter v. Seattle School Dist., 160 Wash. App. 872, 248 P.3d 1111 (2011);
  • Hugh Sisley v. Seattle School Dist., 171 Wash. App. 227, 286 P.3d 974 (2012), review denied, 176 Wash.2d 1015 (2013);
  • King County Public Hosp. v. Odyssey Healthcare, 178 Wash.2d 363, 309 P.3d 416 (2013);
  • Hospice of Spokane v. Dept. of Health, 178 Wash. App. 442, 315 P.3d 556 (2013);
  • Drake Sisley v. Seattle School Dist., 180 Wash. App. 83, 321 P.3d 276, review denied, 180 Wash.2d 1024 (2014);
  • Providence Health & Servs. v. Dept. of Health, 194 Wash. App. 849, 378 P.3d 249 (2016), review denied, 187 Wn.2d 1003 (2017);
  • Hopkins v. Seattle School Dist., 195 Wash. App. 96, 380 P.3d 584, review denied, 186 Wn.2d 1029 (2016);
  • Spencer v. Peters, 857 F.3d 789 (9th Cir. 2017);
  • Fowler v. Guerin, 899 F.3d 1112 (2018), reconsideration en banc denied, 918 F.3d 644, cert. denied, __ U.S. __, 140 S.Ct. 390 (2019)

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